»The search process at SB for agents,
distributors or licensees looks like this:«

  • The Client contacts SB with the brief.
  • SB prepares the brief as to product, environment, reachable goals, distribution etc.
  • Preparation of profile of the future agent, distributor or licensee and search strategy.
  • Identification of candidates through systematic and thorough research.
  • If the SB database does not contain sufficient relevant parties who match the brief, SB headhunts and advertises, whenever appropriate, to attract the relevant parties.
  • Personal interviews and selection. SB then creates a short-list of up to three recommended parties.
  • The Client is introduced to the recommended parties.
  • Development of a unique Business Report, covering key numbers and information of the potential new partner.
  • The Client and the party sign their new Distribution Contract.
  • If required, SB conducts annual visits to the new Agent, Distributor or Licensee. This is to ensure all agreed terms are met and that the Brand as well as the Agent, Distributor or Licensee get the best out of the co-operation.